THE Christian Nation Revolution – Regeneration


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History exposed from documented evidence of the true Christian revolution that God started in Europe to gift America, God’s chosen nation, to God seekers suffering persecution from “the Church” religious leaders in Europe.  These 488 pages prove that America is God’s Chosen Nation!

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THE Christian Nation Revolution, Regeneration! The Christian Patriot’s companion to The Holy Bible! See our Three-year Rescue/Battle Plan for America!

Christian Nation? Can you prove it either way from your personal knowledge? You can with these 488 large print pages of NEW PROOF from HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS buried in the Library of Congress that America was and still is THE Christian Nation! Christian Patriots MUST know the truth!

Too few Americans today know the true history of America began in England, where the horrors of “THE Church” and “The King” burned hundreds of sincere God seekers at the stake, gutted them publicly, hung them or cut off their heads in front of their children… just for seeking God in a personal way, in worship or in a desperate desire to have a personal copy of The Holy Bible, that opened their eyes to “THE Church”.


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